Innovative Solar Solution Boosts Voltage on Remote Power Line

As Idaho Power works to modernize the electrical grid, engineers are always looking for innovative solutions. For the past year, the company has been testing a new pilot project using solar panels to boost voltage at the end of a distribution line near Shoshone, Idaho.

The 18-kilowatt system is located 26 line miles from the nearest substation. Its 72 solar panels ensure customers in the region have quality power. There are few locations where this type of system can solve a voltage issue and, in fact, this unique solution is the only one of its kind in Idaho—and quite possibly one of the first installed anywhere in the country.

Thanks to unique circumstances, smart engineering and plentiful desert sunshine, the photovoltaic system has been an effective substitute for replacing the line or installing voltage-regulating devices. With a successful project under their belts, Idaho Power engineers are on the lookout for additional opportunities to implement new technologies and ensure cost-effective, reliable energy both today and tomorrow.

“It’s very innovative, somewhat revolutionary, and it’s something we’re looking to do more of in the future,” said Engineer Patrick Perry.

For more info, check out this Idaho Power eNews report. Photos, interviews and B-roll footage are available upon request.

Jordan Rodriguez
Communications Specialist