Idaho Power Warns to Stay Safe in the Water and Near Dams

If you’ll be recreating in the water this holiday weekend, Idaho Power encourages you to stay a safe distance from dams and spillways.

Don’t wade, swim, fish or anchor your boat directly near a dam or spillway, and never cross, tie to or go under buoy lines. Power plant operations can cause unexpected and rapid changes in the water level. In addition, water that flows into the dam’s penstocks can create strong, unseen currents that could pull you underwater. For your safety, heed all warning signs.

Visitors can borrow life jackets from kiosks found at many Idaho Power boat access spots.

Several water quality advisories have been issued for Brownlee and Hells Canyon reservoirs due to high levels of toxic algae (also known as cyanobacteria). See the Idaho DEQ’s website for more information and a list of water quality advisories.

Find more information about water safety near dams at

Maria Willacy
Communications Specialist