Idaho Power sets goal for 100-percent clean energy by 2045

Idaho Power has set a goal to provide 100-percent clean energy by 2045. In addition to its hydropower facilities, which typically meet almost half its customers’ energy demands, Idaho Power plans additional investments in wind, solar and other clean sources.

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho Power unveiled a goal Tuesday to provide 100-percent clean energy by 2045. The Clean Today, Cleaner Tomorrow.® effort will build on the company’s 100-year history as a clean-energy leader while providing reliable service at affordable prices.

Idaho Power is among the first publicly owned energy companies to set a goal for reaching 100-percent clean energy. To achieve the goal, the company plans to continue its path away from coal and invest in storage and additional clean generation sources like wind and solar.

In a separate news release issued today, Idaho Power demonstrated its commitment to energy that’s both clean and affordable with a landmark agreement to buy up to 120 megawatts (MW) of solar power. The price for this energy is among the lowest on record. The energy will come from a generation facility to be built south of Twin Falls by Idaho company Jackpot Holdings, LLC. In the coming days, Idaho Power will send this agreement to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission for approval.

“Providing 100-percent clean energy is an important goal for Idaho Power. More and more customers are telling us it is important to them, too,” Idaho Power President and CEO Darrel Anderson said. “We believe this goal is attainable. We have a great head start, thanks to our clean hydropower plants that produce almost half the energy our customers use. Our recently signed agreement with Jackpot Holdings moves us even closer.”

Clean energy resources are becoming more affordable, which could help Idaho Power accomplish its goal while keeping prices fair. Grid upgrades and battery-storage technology should help maintain Idaho Power’s impressive reliability while moving the company closer to its goal. Continued energy efficiency efforts will help.

“This plan demonstrates Idaho Power’s commitment to doing what’s right for customers’ pocketbooks and the environment,” Idaho Gov. Brad Little said. “It also shows innovation can improve our lives with solutions that are reasonably priced, responsible and delivered without government intrusion.”

Clean energy initiatives are not new to Idaho Power. In 2009, the company adopted a resolution to reduce carbon emissions. Since then, it has made sustainable, measurable advances toward a clean-energy future, all while providing reliable power at affordable prices.

Idaho Power has reduced its carbon emissions intensity — measured in pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per megawatt-hour — by almost 50 percent since 2005. The company has entered agreements to end participation in two coal plants and is exploring exiting a third — and final — coal plant.

Idaho Power already buys a significant amount of energy generated by wind and solar resources. The company sells the renewable energy credits attached to this energy to benefit the customer.

Boise Mayor David Bieter praised Idaho Power’s new goal and its alignment with a similar goal the City of Boise is developing for community-wide energy use.

“This is an ambitious goal that illustrates Idaho Power’s commitment to the future of the communities they serve,” Bieter said. “It’s exciting to think about what we might achieve together by working toward a common goal of 100 percent clean electricity.”

Clean Today, Cleaner Tomorrow® will require strong partnerships with utilities, customers, local governments and regulators. With its strong hydropower backbone and big steps like agreeing to buy 120 MW of new solar power, Idaho Power is taking the lead on creating a cleaner future.

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