Idaho Power Offers Eclipse Safe-Viewing Tips

BOISE, Idaho — Thousands of people are expected to be outdoors on Monday, viewing the solar eclipse. Many of these folks will be using one of Idaho Power’s parks, roads or recreation facilities near the Snake River. The company offers the following travel and viewing tips:

  • Don’t forget your eclipse glasses. It is NEVER safe to look at the sun during the eclipse. Except during the very short period of totality (if applicable), do not look directly at the sun without approved solar-viewing devices. Idaho Power will not have glasses available for purchase at its parks.
  • Use designated spots for camping. All Idaho Power campgrounds offer first-come, first-served campsites. Whether you are in a developed campground or at a dispersed site, the stay limit in any area is 14 days.
  • Only park in designated areas, and only use designated routes and trails. Do not park along the sides of roads or in non-designated pull-outs. Going off road disturbs wildlife and habitat and in dry conditions can spark a fire.
  • Know the fire risks and respect fire restrictions. August is peak wildfire season for public lands, and a small spark can rapidly become a large fire. Campfires are only allowed in designated fire rings in certain campgrounds. If campfires are allowed, be sure to properly put them out. In many areas, vehicles are required to have a shovel and fire extinguisher or gallon of water.
  • Before you leave home, make sure you are familiar with the area you are going to and ensure you have appropriate gear, equipment, supplies and maps.
  • Tread lightly and leave no trace. Leave your site in the same condition, or better than, you found it.
  • Bring plenty of water. It can get hot during the summer, and water can be limited. Always carry at least one gallon of water for every person in your group.
  • Be patient, and don’t expect all services to be available. Many small towns within the path of the eclipse expect their infrastructure and community services to be stretched to the limit during the event. Expect traffic on rural roads. Don’t expect cell-phone reception, as it is already spotty in rural areas and may be overtaxed by the high number of users.


About Idaho Power:
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Contact: Melissa Thom
Communication Specialist
Idaho Power