Idaho Power Offers $1,500 Energy Efficiency Incentive for New Residential Construction

Idaho Power is offering an energy efficiency incentive for residential new construction projects. The Residential New Construction Pilot Program offers builders a $1,500 incentive to build energy-efficient, all-electric homes using heat-pump technology.

These homes meet strict requirements to make them at least 20% more energy efficient than homes built to standard state energy code.

Residential New Construction Pilot Program homes feature:

  • High-performance heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • High-efficiency windows
  • Increased insulation values
  • Tighter building shells

Customers living in energy efficient electric homes will benefit from a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly living environment.

“An Idaho Power employee told me about the benefits of all-electric buildings,” said Kelly Perryman, who received incentives for apartments his company is building in Meridian. “Once I looked into it, I learned how much easier it was from a constructability standpoint. Plus, the buildings are safer and more energy efficient. Idaho Power’s incentives make it worth it, and I feel good about doing something better for our community.”

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Erica Shiflet
External Communications Leader