Idaho Power Linemen Lead Honeybee Rescue

Idaho Power linemen have been credited with saving people, pets and wildlife. And now they can add honeybees to the list. When an Idaho Power crew unexpectedly encountered a large colony making its home in an old regulator rack near Twin Falls, the linemen took action to preserve the hive. Honeybee populations have been in decline over the past decade

Coordinating with the Magic Valley Beekeepers Association, Idaho Power foreman Kasey Olpin’s crew donned beekeeping suits and went up in bucket trucks to remove the colony, which was transported to be cared for by a local beekeeper. The rescue preserved approximately 30,000 honeybees in an area where bee pollination is vital to agriculture and the economy.

Watch an Idaho Power eNews video about the bee rescue. Sound clips and bee footage are available for media use upon request.

Jordan Rodriguez
Communication Specialist