Idaho Power Donates Work Truck to City of Carey

Rural communities make up the majority of Idaho Power’s service area across southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. The company has a long-standing commitment to serving these areas and pitching in to help those in need.

One such opportunity recently arose in the town of Carey, where Public Works Director Steven Grigsby had been using his personal vehicle for daily public works duties. Idaho Power stepped in and donated a retired work truck, which will become the City of Carey’s full-time public works vehicle. Energy Advisor Amber Larna, Regional Manager Joe Kendall and Regional Customer Relations Manager Jim Mason visited Carey to deliver the truck to Grigsby and City Clerk Tess Cenarrusa.

Idaho Power occasionally donates retired equipment to public service agencies in the company’s service area. To learn more about the company’s community giving — including information on how to apply — visit

Jordan Rodriguez
Communications Specialist