Idaho Power Donates Truck as Part of Commitment to Communities along B2H Route

Fire Chief Bert Siddoway took the keys from Mitch Colburn, Idaho Power’s Vice President of Planning, Engineering and Construction, and fired up the Ford F-550 Idaho Power donated to his Burnt River Fire Protection Association. The truck will become an important tool for the association, which is staffed by 45 volunteers who respond to rangeland wildfires and other emergencies across a 295,000-acre area surrounding Durkee in Baker County, Oregon.

Idaho Power donated the truck as a small part of its larger commitment to communities along the proposed Boardman to Hemingway transmission line’s route. Idaho Power plans to break ground on the line in 2023.

“Burnt River has done a great job protecting the Idaho Power facilities that provide energy to our customers in the area they serve, from northwest of Durkee to Farewell Bend,” Colburn said. “We hope this truck enhances their ability to serve that area, which will also help us continue our tradition of providing reliable and affordable energy.”

The Boardman to Hemingway line will stretch approximately 290 miles from Boardman, Oregon, to an Idaho Power substation southwest of Boise. The line will spur economic opportunities in Baker County and help deliver clean energy to customers across the western United States.

Sven Berg
Communications Specialist