Idaho Power Celebrates National Dairy Month!

Did you know Idaho is the third-largest dairy producing state in the country? Dairy farms, milk processors, and makers of cheese, ice cream and yogurt used approximately 750,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity from Idaho Power in 2021. And that doesn’t include the large amount of electricity irrigators use to grow the crops needed to feed the cows!

During National Dairy Month, Idaho Power celebrates Idaho’s dairy industry. Energy efficiency is a cost-effective way for milk producers and dairy processors to reduce costs, improve safety, enhance quality and increase productivity and profitability. From 2018 to 2021, dairy farmers and industrial dairy processing customers saved over 30 MWh of electricity, earning $4.1 million in incentives from Idaho Power’s Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency program.

Idaho Power is proud to support past, present and future generations of dairy farmers with the reliable, affordable, clean energy they need to fuel their operations. Look for the Idaho Power float at the upcoming Meridian Dairy Days parade or visit their website at to learn how dairies and industrial dairy processors earn energy efficiency incentives and save energy and money.

See how Idaho Power fuels the Agropur Dairy Cooperative in Jerome.

Melissa Thom
Marketing Specialist