IDACORP Shareowners Help Neighbors in Need Through Project Share

IDACORP shareowners recently donated $25,000 to The Salvation Army, adding to Idaho Power customer contributions of approximately $169,500 for the 2018–19 Project Share season. This money helps provide energy-bill assistance to our neighbors in need.

Idaho Power also honored Project Share Board Chairman Dale Reynolds for his 34 years of volunteer service.

“I’ve done a lot of volunteering for The Salvation Army, but I’ve enjoyed Project Share the most, partly because I’ve been able to help make the program what it is. I get to see that we are making an impact, and I know people depend on it. We’ve also had some great fun,” Reynolds said.

Idaho Power Program Specialist Cheryl Paoli has worked with Reynolds for the last 15 years.

“What makes Dale such an amazing chairperson is how much he cares about the program,” she said. “He makes sure it’s run efficiently to provide the most value for our customers and donors. He also takes time to personally connect with all of our outreach offices, which really makes an impact.”

IDACORP shareowners also contributed almost $17,000 to pay Salvation Army administrative costs for managing Project Share, ensuring 100% of donations go to help individuals and families.

Since 1982, the Idaho Power program has assisted people experiencing hardships with their energy costs, including bills for electricity, natural gas, wood, propane, oil and coal.

Learn more about Project Share and how to make a tax-deductible contribution at

Julie Stutts
Communication Specialist