Help Keep the Power on by Preventing Fires

Record-high temperatures last week put southern Idaho on notice: Wildfire season is here. As always, Idaho Power is working hard to ensure reliable, affordable energy and proactively mitigate the risks of wildfires. The company is asking customers to help by taking steps to prevent wildfires during summer activities.

Idaho Power regularly trims trees and other vegetation to keep them away from lines. The company uses sterilant to keep fuels from growing next to wooden poles in some areas. The company also is expanding the practice of wrapping some poles with fire-resistant mesh.

Should fire-related outages occur, Idaho Power employees remain ready to restore power once officials deem an area safe to enter. Idaho Power crews maintain a supply of backup materials to replace damaged equipment such as power poles.

Customers can keep themselves and others safe from wildfires by following simple rules. For example, use established fire rings at campgrounds, fully drown all campfires before leaving them and ensure safety chains on vehicle trailers are not dragging on roads and causing sparks. For more tips on wildfire safety, visit

Sven Berg
Communications Specialist