Energy Use: Plan Ahead for Winter

Cooler temperatures have moved into our region, although many customers are still receiving their electricity bills for August, which was a high-use month for most.

The arrival of fall is an excellent time to prepare for the cold winter months when heating, holiday visits, additional lighting and other uses can push energy costs up.

Extended periods of extreme cold caught many people by surprise last winter, and energy use spiked. Preparing homes now, and signing up for myAccount at, can help customers reduce and track their energy use.

Installing insulation and smart thermostats, sealing gaps around windows and doors, swapping old outdoor lights for energy-saving LEDs and making a household commitment to wise energy use are all things that can be done now to save money later.

For more information, customers can visit Ways to Save, or check out previous issues of Idaho Power’s biannual Energy Efficiency Guide. Each one is full of useful energy-saving tips.

Jordan Rodriguez
Communication Specialist