Energy-Efficiency Savings Increased in 2016

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho Power customers helped save more than 170,792 megawatt-hours of energy by participating in energy efficiency activities last year. That’s enough electricity to serve more than 14,000 average-sized homes in the Idaho Power service area for a year, and it’s a 4-percent increase from the previous year, according to the company’s Demand-Side Management 2016 Annual Report.

The annual report, submitted to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission March 15, reviews the company’s Demand-Side Management (DSM) activities and finances throughout 2016 and outlines Idaho Power’s plans for future DSM activities.

Idaho Power’s 2016 achievements in energy savings, including estimated savings from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, exceeded the annual savings target identified in Idaho Power’s 2015 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). On a cumulative basis, the company’s energy savings have exceeded the IRP targets every year since 2002 when the Idaho and Oregon Energy Efficiency Riders began funding DSM programs.

Last year, the company successfully operated all three of its demand response programs. The total demand reduction achieved from the company’s programs was 378 megawatts (MW) from an available capacity of 392 MW.

“We are pleased Idaho Power was able to assist our customers in achieving these results in energy savings,” said Theresa Drake, Idaho Power Customer Relations & Energy Efficiency Manager. “Energy efficiency is a win for everyone — not only for today, but for years to come.”

Energy efficiency and demand response provide economic and operational benefits to the company and its customers and supports the wise use of energy by Idaho Power customers. New activities in 2016 included the Smart-saver Pledge, a residential energy efficiency effort that successfully encouraged customers to make an energy-saving behavior change. The company also distributed more than 34,000 Energy-Saving Kits at no additional cost to customers, and Idaho Power employees distributed nearly 25,000 LED light bulbs directly to customers.

With a goal of using customers’ funds wisely, Idaho Power strives to provide conscientious, prudent, and responsible action and activities that result in cost-effective energy efficiency. From 2015 to 2016, total expenditures from all funding sources on DSM-related activities increased by nearly 10 percent — from $39 million to $43 million.

The DSM Annual Report is available to review at To learn more about Idaho Power’s energy efficiency programs, visit Ways to Save.

“Demand-Side Management” refers to two kinds of energy-efficiency activities: things customers do to reduce overall electricity use, like using more efficient appliances or light bulbs, increasing insulation and sealing heating ducts; and programs that shift energy use from periods of extreme demand, called “demand response programs.”

In 2016, Idaho Power celebrated providing electric service to the region for 100 years. Since the 70s, the company has offered energy efficiency programs for residential, commercial and industrial customers. In 2002, Idaho Power revitalized its energy efficiency programs and began the Idaho and Oregon Energy Efficiency Riders (Rider) to fund the pursuit of cost effective energy efficiency.

Today, funding for DSM activities comes from the Riders, Idaho Power base rates and the annual Power Cost Adjustment (PCA). Idaho incentives for the company’s demand response programs are recovered through base rates and the annual PCA, while Oregon demand response incentives are funded through the Oregon Rider.

The company has maintained a successful DSM portfolio including both energy efficiency and demand response programs — an important aspect of Idaho Power’s resource planning process.

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