Helping Others: Education and Outreach Energy Advisor Danielle Ready

Image of female employee with text saying I work with some of the best scientists in the state. We're working on ways to improve and protect natural and cultural resources, and we're having fun doing it.

Getting to work with people at every stage of life, from grade school to college students, adults and seniors, has been a career goal come true for Idaho Power Education and Outreach Advisor Danielle Ready.

“I love helping people,” she said. “It’s exciting to watch a group learn how amazing and complex the electrical grid is, or how they can conserve natural resources and save money by becoming more energy efficient.”

Danielle started with the company as a temporary customer service representative. The position became permanent after a year, opening the door to other Idaho Power career paths.

“When I applied to work at Idaho Power, I was looking for a company that would provide a long-term career with advancement opportunities and a better work-life balance for my family,” she said.

Danielle’s supervisor encouraged her to set a goal for other jobs she would be interested in outside of customer service, and to take steps to get herself out there.

“I identified the top three positions I was interested in,” she said. “I did a lot of volunteering, asked for any extra training opportunities, job shadowed, joined committees and coordinated events for my team, both because I enjoyed it and to gain extra experience.”

After two years in Customer Service, an Education & Outreach Energy Advisor position opened.

“It was the No. 1 job on my list!” she said. “What attracted me was the public speaking and teaching as well as engaging with our local communities,” she said.

Danielle’s background has provided a great foundation for her job. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Advertising, with an emphasis in International Business, at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. Following graduation and before coming to Idaho Power, she worked in the hospitality and tourism industry.

“That’s where I discovered my passion for creating superior customer service experiences and teaching new employees,” she said. “I now have the awesome opportunity to teach, empower and encourage people through Idaho Power’s educational programs.”

Danielle and her fellow Education & Outreach Energy Advisors are experts in all things Idaho Power, providing educational and community presentations and trainings in everything from basic electrical safety to raptor protection to clean energy.

“I really enjoy working with children and young adults through our STEM education and career outreach efforts,” she said. “I represent Idaho Power at community events, facilitate group tours at our facilities and work with educators to encourage participation in our free programs like Solar 4R Schools, The Energy Wise Program and student scholarships.

“I’m grateful to work for a company that values education and supports the needs and interests of the communities we serve.”

In addition to what Idaho Power does for our communities, Danielle said she loves the company’s employee culture of safety, teamwork and kindness.

“It’s privilege to work with kind, generous and talented people who are committed to serving others and accomplishing goals as a team,” she said. “I appreciate being in an environment where I’m respected, valued, supported and encouraged to ask questions, grow in my career and put safety for myself and others first. I am thankful to have both a personally rewarding and fulfilling career as well as competitive pay and good benefits.”