Electrical equipment stolen from southern Idaho businesses

Several commercial customers’ breakers have been stolen in recent weeks. The thefts left customer-owned equipment exposed, creating hazards. No one has been injured as a result of the crimes, but the businesses did experience outages.

BOISE, Idaho — Thieves have stolen electrical circuit breakers from at least 43 Idaho Power customers over the past three weeks. The victims are businesses in Ada and Twin Falls counties.

Idaho Power discovered the apparent crimes after customers reported outages. When company representatives arrived at their businesses, they found customer-owned breakers at the buildings had been removed. Idaho Power worked with the customers and their electricians to make the scenes safe while the electricians replaced the breakers and reconnected power.

Electrical circuit breakers are customer-owned protection devices that connect power to homes, businesses or irrigation pumps. They protect customers’ circuits from fluctuations in power.

While the loss of customers’ property and ability to conduct business is upsetting enough, these crimes also left customer-owned equipment exposed, creating hazards. Thankfully, these thefts have not resulted in any known injuries.

“It’s frustrating to see our customers’ property vandalized like this when they’re working so hard to keep their businesses running during an especially challenging time,” said Bo Hanchey, Idaho Power’s Chief Safety Officer and Vice President of Customer Operations. “We want our customers to know we’re here to help them through this problem.”

Anyone who sees missing breakers, exposed wires or anything else wrong with the electrical connection at their home or business should stay clear of the problem and call Idaho Power immediately at 208-388-2323. They also should call their electrician and report the theft to law enforcement authorities.

“Safety is vitally important to Idaho Power, so we want to make sure our customers and the public know to avoid any hazards,” Hanchey said.

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