Earth Day at Idaho Power: Working Together for Cleaner Energy

Idaho Power works hard to provide clean energy and protect resources all year long. And whether it’s Earth Day or every day, they also work hard to help customers achieve their green goals.

Here are just a few ways Idaho Power helps make your energy green:

  • In March 2019, Idaho Power announced the ambitious goal of reaching 100% clean energy by 2045. Just a year later, the company has made big strides while reaffirming its commitment to reliable, affordable electricity. Clean hydropower remains the backbone of Idaho Power’s energy mix, accounting for almost half the energy the company generates.
  • In 2019, coal made up just 16.3% of Idaho Power’s generation — marking the sixth consecutive year of declining coal generation.
  • The company is working with homeowners, businesses like Bigelow Tea and Tamarack, and nonprofits like Bogus Basin to help them reach their own 100% clean energy goals.
  • In 2019, 562 customers enrolled in the Green Power Program to use renewable energy from projects in Idaho, Oregon or Washington — for just an extra penny a kilowatt-hour. Participation also supports Solar 4R Schools, which teaches the next generation about sustainable energy.
  • Energy efficiency programs helped Idaho Power customers set energy-savings records in 2019 — saving enough to power almost 18,000 homes.

Learn more about Idaho Power’s commitment to environmental stewardship at

Sven Berg
Communications Specialist