City of Nampa Wastewater Treatment Plant Earns Idaho Power Energy Efficiency Incentive

Idaho Power presented the City with an incentive check for upgrades, and acknowledged its energy efficiency leadership.

NAMPA, Idaho – Idaho Power recently recognized The City of Nampa for its commitment to energy efficiency. Upgrades to the city’s wastewater treatment plant earned $40,207.14 in incentives from the utility’s Commercial and Industrial Custom Efficiency program.

The City completed its Project Group A construction project which included measures to efficiently pump its primary effluent by using variable speed drives rather than using flow control valves for its three new pumps. It is estimated the energy efficiency measures will save the plant 223,373 kilowatt-hours of energy, representing energy savings of about 19.8 average-sized Idaho homes.

Additionally, the City will earn incentives for participation in The Wastewater Energy Efficiency Cohort, a two-year series of collaborative workshops with peers and experts sharing organizational and technical energy-saving ideas. Idaho Power evaluates the energy that the participant plants save at the end of each year and pays them an incentive for every kilowatt-hour they save, up to 70 percent of their eligible costs. The City of Nampa saved 62,578 kilowatts by reducing energy use on the operation of their treatment plant.

“A wastewater treatment plant is often a city’s largest single-point energy user, which makes it a good candidate for identifying energy-saving opportunities,” said Idaho Power Senior Engineer and Custom Efficiency Program Specialist Chellie Jensen. “Idaho Power is encouraged by the program’s results. Overall, the cohort saved over 7 percent from no- and low-cost energy improvements, and the City of Nampa was a part of that success. They have been an outstanding energy efficiency partner, and we look forward to working with them on their upcoming projects.”

Learn more about Idaho Power’s Custom Efficiency program.

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