Bill Inserts for May 2018

Connections May 2018
(sent to all customers)
  • Hydroelectricity Keeps Your Energy Clean, Affordable
  • How Idaho Power’s Energy Portfolio Compares Nationally
  • Idaho Power Proposes FCA Rate Decrease
  • Tax Reform & PCA Proposals Result in Lower Customer Prices
Power Cost Adjustment & Tax Reform Rate Filings
(sent to all Idaho customers)
Idaho Power is proposing rate decreases for its Idaho customers this spring through the annual Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) and stemming from recent federal and Idaho state tax rate changes. If approved by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, the reductions will go into effect on June 1, 2018.

The PCA is a cost recovery tool that passes on both the benefits and costs of supplying energy to Idaho Power customers. It calls for a total decrease of $22.6 million; the percentage of change will depend on a customer’s class and the rate they pay.

Tax reform will result in a total benefit associated with reduced tax expense of $33.9 million, provided through: 1) a base rate reduction of approximately $18.7 million, 2) an additional $7.8 million decrease that will be provided through the 2018 PCA, and 3) a non-cash annual benefit of $7.4 million in the form of an offset to other deferred costs.

Energy Audits and Home Weatherization Financing for Oregon Customers
(sent to Oregon residential customers)
As an Idaho Power residential customer in Oregon, you may qualify for a free energy audit, low-interest weatherization loan or cash payment for energy-efficient electrically heated home improvements. Learn more about our weatherization programs for Oregon customers.
Residential New Construction Pilot Program
(sent to Idaho residential customers)
This program pays an incentive to builders for electrically heated homes using heat pump technology built to be at least 20 percent more efficient than state energy code requirements.
Green Power Program
(sent to Idaho and Oregon customers)
Green Power is a voluntary program for customers who wish to match some or all of their electricity use with renewable energy. Your participation also supports Solar 4R Schools.