Beat the Heat with Summer Energy-saving Tips

Hot weather is finally here, and that can mean increased energy use as we keep our homes and businesses cool. Idaho Power has a few tips for staying cool and managing your summer energy use when it’s hot outside.

  • Close doors, windows and blinds during the day when you’re out of the house, especially on the east and west sides. If safe to do so, open them at night or in the morning to let in cooler air.
  • Do laundry and run the dishwasher in the early morning and late evening hours to avoid adding heat in the warmest part of the day.
  • Consider installing an attic fan to draw hot air out of the house.
  • Consider installing a ceiling fan in rooms used frequently. Moving air can feel up to four degrees cooler than still air. Ceiling fans are effective in homes both with and without air conditioning (A/C).
  • Turn the A/C off when you’re going to be gone for an extended period.
  • Check your A/C’s air handler or furnace filter. Dirty filters reduce a system’s efficiency.
  • Consider installing a programmable thermostat to give your A/C a break at night and when you are away without sacrificing comfort when you need it.
  • Weather strip doors and windows to prevent losing cool air to the outside.

Idaho Power also reminds customers that summer rates went into effect June 1. Our area experiences the highest demand for energy in the summer, so rates increase from June through August — due in part to higher wholesale prices Idaho Power pays for energy in the summer months. So while rates for most Idaho Power customers actually went down for the second year in a row this month, people may see an increase on their bills due to summer rates and increased energy use.

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Erica Shiflet
Communications Leader