Bank Access Restricted Along Niagara Springs Creek

WENDELL, Idaho — Temporary barriers have been placed along the east bank of Niagara Springs Creek to prevent erosion that threatens sensitive aquatic habitats downstream.

Located in the Snake River canyon south of Wendell, Niagara Springs Creek is a short stretch of clear water that is popular with trout anglers. The creek is located between Idaho Power’s steelhead hatchery to the west and Niagara Springs State Park to the east.

The stretch of bank that borders the state park is owned by Idaho Power and managed by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG).

The bank has lost several feet in the past year due to increasingly heavy public use. Soil washing into the creek poses a threat to rare and threatened Bliss Rapids snails downstream in the Snake River and degrades water quality for fish and wildlife. (Both sides of the creek are commonly used by anglers, and both sides will be restricted. However, the small grassy area on the west side of the creek is currently inaccessible because the adjacent Niagara Springs Steelhead Hatchery remains closed to the public.)

Idaho Power and IDFG ask the public to respect the barriers while they work to find a longer-term solution to the erosion issue.

“Our intent is not to close this area to the public permanently. We are committed to providing recreational access near our facilities whenever we can,” said Jim Chandler, Fish and Water Quality Manager for Idaho Power. “We also have an obligation to monitor and protect endangered aquatic species, such as the Bliss Rapids snail. We appreciate the public’s patience while we find a way to preserve this unique area for everyone’s benefit.”

Protecting water quality in Niagara Springs and the Snake River will help ensure the long-term health of our wildlife and fisheries resources.

Media note: A locator map illustrating the closure area, and photos showing erosion at the site are available by request.

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