Idaho Power Prices Remain among the Lowest in the Nation

Graphic showing the monthly average bill in Boise, Idaho compared to Long Beach, California

Providing reliable energy at affordable prices has been a hallmark of Idaho Power’s 100-year history. And according to data recently released by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), Idaho Power customers continue to enjoy some of the best energy prices in […]

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Idaho Power Announces Two New Vice Presidents

The company’s vice president of power supply will retire in August, setting in motion changes that will include promoting two new vice presidents from within the company’s ranks. BOISE, Idaho – Idaho Power announced today that Tom Harvey, Vice President […]

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Scammers Target Idaho Power Customers

image of phone and scammer

Scams targeting Idaho Power customers — both homes and businesses — have been on the uptick recently. The most recent scam involves a call demanding immediate payment or service will be disconnected. The scammers are spoofing Idaho Power’s phone number, […]

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Shoshone Falls Flows Will Continue for A Few More Days

Water being released from eastern Idaho reservoirs to support downstream fish migration will continue flowing over Shoshone Falls until July 20, providing the summer’s best opportunity to view the falls. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is in the process of […]

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Hitting the Water? Keep an Eye Out for Algae Blooms

Swimming, boating, skiing and other water-based activities are great ways to beat the summer heat, but water users should look to see if visible algal blooms are present in areas where they or their pets or livestock may come into […]

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Beat the Heat with Summer Energy-saving Tips

Wattson in front of a beach umbrella

Summer is finally here, and that can mean increased energy use as people keep homes and businesses cool. And for those still spending more time at home, energy use this summer could look different than in past years. Idaho Power […]

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