Solar Power Options

Rooftop Solar

Thinking about adding solar power on your property?

These Tips for Choosing a Solar Installer can help you make the best choice for your home or business. Idaho Power works with all solar companies and does not partner with or recommend specific installers.

This Solar Checklist can help you navigate the decision-making process.

Find more information about solar on-site generation in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Curious to know what an investment in solar looks like?

Google’s Project Sunroof – solar estimator – can give you an estimate of the cost to install a system and years until payback. Estimates provided by Google’s Project Sunroof are based on current electric rates. Future changes in rates will impact the estimated net savings and payback. Project Sunroof is not functional for all of Idaho Power’s service area, so we’ve provided three examples of a typical home below.

*Average monthly bill costs are based on Idaho Power residential Schedule 01 rates as of 10/1/2017. System production estimates are from PVWatts default system settings for Boise ID.  All other estimates regarding cost and payback are from Google’s Project Sunroof, which are based on current electric rates. Future changes in rates will impact the estimated net savings and payback. Project Sunroof uses a 20-year loan term and 6.6% interest rate. Actual costs, system production, and tax credits will vary. For a personalized estimate, Idaho Power recommends getting several bids from certified installers.

Examples for using solar on-site generation to match 100% of a home’s energy use
illustration of a small houseThe Jones’ House illustration of a medium sized houseThe Zhang’s House illustration of a large sized houseThe Jackson’s House
Average monthly electric use: 500 kWh 1,000 kWh 2,000 kWh
Average monthly bill*:  $45  $90  $180
Solar system size needed:  4 kW  8kW  16.25 kW
Pay upfront
Estimated upfront cost:  $15,000
($3.75 per watt)
($3.55 per watt)
($3.45 per watt)
 Net cost after tax credit:  $9,300  $17,700  $36,900
 Estimated payback:  19 years  17 years  16 years
Total 20 year savings:  $700  $3,700  $12,000
Estimated payback:  None  None  None
Total 20 year savings:  -$8,200 (loss)  -$13,000 (loss)  -$20,100 (loss)

If you decide owning a system is right for you, our customer generation tariffs allow customers to install small-scale, renewable generation projects to offset their use.

Community Solar

Community Solar works much like a traditional community garden. Customers in Idaho can buy subscriptions to fund a solar array (a group of solar panels) in southeast Boise. In return, you get a share of the renewable solar energy generated by the array and a monthly bill credit for 25 years. Bill credits average a few dollars per month per subscription and are based on the energy created through the solar panels.

Other Green Choices

You have options when it comes to renewable energy and using energy wisely. We have programs and tools to help you decide which green choices are best for you.

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