Frequently Asked Questions

We are upgrading older underground cables with newer ones that have improved technology and better protection from the elements. We’ll use tubing or conduits to protect the wires. Older underground cables without conduit are more susceptible to outages and power quality issues.

Back in the late 1960s, utilities across the country began putting powerlines underground instead of overhead. In the 1990s, plastics, PVC and other materials became more advanced and it was easier and better to use a conduit made of these materials to hold the wires. Conduit surrounds the wire and protects it from corrosive soil, rocks, roots and other underground hazards.

Yes. The crews on site will work with you to make sure you continue to have access to your home or business during construction. We will do everything we can to minimize access issues, knocking on doors to provide information.

No. Construction costs, like this project, are covered through electric rates.

The best thing to do is contact Idaho Power via the contact information on the notification postcards and signs posted in the project areas. You can also email the project team at, or call Project Manager Daisi Pohanka at 208-388-5305. Using this contact information is the best way to ensure you reach the correct person who can help.