Delivering Power

Delivering clean, reliable and affordable energy to our customers is work we’ve done proudly for more than 100 years. Learn about our power plants, how we deliver and meet customer demand for energy, where the energy we provide comes from and how we’re working to reduce emissions.

Idaho Power provides electricity to more than 560,000 customers in our 24,000 square-mile southern Idaho and eastern Oregon service area.

Demand for electricity is not constant rather it changes moment by moment, every time someone flips on a light switch, turns on an irrigation pump, or shuts down a factory conveyor belt for the night.

Idaho Power is committed to responsible environmental stewardship. Environmental decisions are made with consideration of the impact on cost to customers and our ability to reliably serve our customers.

The number of Idaho Power customers continues to grow significantly. This growth means more energy is needed, and that energy must travel across our power lines — the “freeways” of electricity transport.

The Smart Grid represents energy innovation. It gives customers information they need to be wise energy consumers. It uses new technology to retrieve data and take actions that benefit electrical grid performance.

Learn more about Idaho Power’s electricity sources including generation from company-owned resources and purchased power.