Customer Generation

Idaho Power’s on-site generation tariffs allow Idaho and Oregon customers to install small-scale renewable generation projects on their property and connect to Idaho Power’s electrical grid. When customers generate more electricity than they consume, they earn a kilowatt-hour (kWh) credit that carries forward to the next month.

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Idaho Power Receives Order on Changes for Customers with On-Site Generation

May 9, 2018, Net Metering Order

Application to Study Net Excess Energy from Customers with On-Site Generation

Review the open case with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission Case Number: IPC-E-18-15.

Who Is Eligible?

Residential (Schedule 1) and small commercial (Schedule 7) customers may connect up to 25 kilowatts (kW) of generation. All other rate classes may connect up to 100 kW of generation. For projects over 100 kW refer to Generator Interconnection. Residential Time Of Day customers (Schedule 5) may not participate.

Use the links below to learn about generating power from solar, wind or other renewable energy sources at your home or business.


Google’s Project Sunroof Estimates provided by Google’s Project Sunroof are based on current rates. Future changes in rates will impact the estimated net savings and payback.


Applications and Forms

*Oregon Net Metering customers subject to Idaho’s Schedule 84 and 72.

Customer Generation Questions

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