Program Guidelines

Equipment Qualification

  • Heat pump is 8.5 or higher HSPF, as determined by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) Standard 210/240.
  • AHRI-rated/matching condensing unit and evaporator coil installed (split systems only) as listed on AHRI’s Directory of Certified Product Performance found at:
  • Heat pump is 5 tons or less.
  • Heat pump is sized using Manual J or equivalent and selected coil combination has capacity that is within ½ ton of the calculated dominant design load (heating or cooling).

Installation Qualification

  • Visually inspect ductwork; verify there are no disconnected ducts. Repair disconnect(s) before installing equipment.
  • Confirm system airflow is at least 350 CFM/Ton as measured with TrueFlow® Meter.
  • Confirm refrigerant charge is within 3°F of target subcooling when checked in either cooling or heating mode (latter only applies if outdoor unit has TXV). For winter installations (outdoor temperature below 65º F), Installer also has option of comparing suction and discharge pressures with manufacturer targets.
    • Note: If the air-source heat pump is sized to Program standards, heating rate of recovery and comfort will be sufficient. Note that strip heat can be used to supplement the compressor when outdoor temperatures are below 35°F.
  • Winter outdoor design temperature is 30°F.

Heat Pump Controls Setup/Checkout

  • Auxiliary heat can never operate on Stage 1 heating call.
  • Compressor low-ambient lockout is set no higher than 0°F.
  • If outdoor sensor is used to control auxiliary heat, sensor output (ohms) is checked and compared to expected value.

Single Stage Compressor Systems

  • Confirm discharge air temperature sensor is not installed or disabled.
  • Confirm auxiliary heat cannot operate at air temperatures above 35°F.

Multi-Stage Compressor Systems

  • If discharge air temperature sensor can control auxiliary heat, confirm staging temp. is set no higher than 85°F, OR
  • If staging temperature is set above 85°F, confirm resistance heat cannot operate at outside temperature above 35°F.

Submit the following to Idaho Power

To avoid a delay in processing, ensure forms and worksheets are completed in full.

  • Incentive Application
  • Air Source Heat Pump Installation Worksheet
  • Manual J or equivalent (such as the Idaho Power Heat Pump Sizing Worksheet)
  • Copy of proof of payment and a copy of itemized receipt/invoice

Note: Winter Installation Criteria If an air-source heat pump is installed in the winter (outdoor temperature below 65°F), the installer can confirm accuracy of charge by comparing operating suction and discharge pressures with manufacturer’s target values (which are typically listed vs. outdoor temperature). Line set adjustments must be made before checking charge. Manufacturers typically allow a 5 or 10 psig tolerance band around the target operating pressures.