Program Guidelines

Equipment Qualification

  • Heat pump is rated at 3.5 COP or higher, as determined by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) Standard 210/240.
  • Heat pump is 6 tons or less.
  • Heat pump is sized using a Manual J or equivalent and selected equipment has capacity within ½ ton of the calculated dominant load (heating or cooling).
  • Use care in selecting the proper Entering Water Temperature when selecting equipment.

Installation Qualification

  • Visually inspect ductwork. Verify there are no disconnected ducts. Repair disconnected ducts before installing equipment.
  • Confirm system airflow is at least 350 CFM/Ton as measured with TrueFlow® Meter.
  • Compare measured loop and air-side temperature splits to manufacturer’s targets. If measured values are not within manufacturer tolerances, make adjustments then retest.
  • Confirm auxiliary (strip) heat cannot operate at outdoor temperatures above 35°F (or the lowest temperature setting allowed by the thermostat).

Submit the following to Idaho Power

To avoid a delay in processing, ensure forms and worksheets are completed in full.

  • Incentive Application
  • Open Loop Water Source Heat Pump Installation Worksheet
  • Manual J or equivalent (such as the Idaho Power Heat Pump Sizing Worksheet)
  • Copy of proof of payment and a copy of itemized receipt/invoice.