Ruff Times Farms: Irrigation Equipment Improvements

Aberdeen, Idaho farmer Doug Ruff recognized the importance of keeping his irrigation equipment operating as efficiently as possible.

Ruff’s irrigation equipment was showing significant wear and was beginning to have an impact on his crops.

Ruff contacted Idaho Power Agriculture Representative Dennis Elison who helped Ruff qualify for a cash incentive through our Irrigation Efficiency Rewards program for upgrading his current, worn-out components with new, efficient ones.

Existing System

Ruff’s existing system consisted of:

  • Many irrigation pumps
  • A large variety of hand-lines and wheel-lines
  • A large acreage of irrigated crop land

What Changes Were Made?

Ruff identified which components needed to be replaced on 938 acres of land serviced by multiple irrigation pumps at six different locations. The replacement of these components qualified for menu incentives under the Irrigation Efficiency Rewards program.

The upgraded components that replaced the worn equipment included:

  • New flow-control nozzles
  • New nozzles for both brass sprinklers and pivot sprinkler heads
  • New brass impact sprinklers
  • New wheel-line levelers
  • New gaskets, drains and riser caps
  • New wheel-line hubs for Thunder Bird wheel-lines
  • Cut and press repairs

What Were the Results?

  • An estimated energy savings of 54,027 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year
  • An estimated $2,701 in energy savings per year from changing out the worn components
  • An Idaho Power incentive that paid for nearly 30 percent of the total cost to make the upgrades