Energy Insights

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Energy @Work

Energy @Work is a printed newsletter that shares energy efficiency and Idaho Power company information with business customers. Click on the newsletters below to download.

April 2019

  • Idaho Power Sets a Goal to Provide 100% Clean Energy
  • Idaho Power Earns Governor’s Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency
  • 2018: The Idaho Power Impact
  • Flex Peak Now Open for Enrollment

November 2018

  • Idaho Power Incentive Updates
  • Pocatello School District: Improving the Learning Environment through Energy Savings
  • Improving Reliability for Our Customers
  • Idaho Power Implements Rate Changes

April 2018

  • Alpine Automotive: On the Road to Savings
  • School Districts Team Up with Idaho Power to Save Energy
  • Idaho Power Customer Solutions and Energy Advisors
  • Idaho Power’s 2017 Energy Portfolio

October 2017

  • CSHQA Architects: A Blueprint for Energy Efficiency
  • New Energy-saving Tools
  • Long-range Plan Submitted for Review
  • Idaho Power Dispatched Demand Response Programs; Sets New System Peak

February 2017

  • Amazing Results from Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Commercial/Industrial Training Opportunities
  • Don’t be the Victim of a Scam
  • Project to Narrow, Deepen Snake River Stretch

September 2016

  • Idaho Power Proposes Community Solar Pilot Project
  • Shedding Light on Reduced Wattage T8 Lamps
  • Idaho Power Helping Cities Save Energy and Money
  • Utilize your Customer Representative
  • 2016 Idaho Energy and Green Building Conference
  • Electric Vehicle Workplace Charging Station Incentives Available

May 2016

  • More Efficient Lighting Allows Blake Trailers to Pull Less Electricity
  • Energy Efficiency Makes Good Business Sense
  • Commercial/Industrial Training Opportunities
  • Electric Vehicles and Your Business

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