Beacon Light Project

Project Need

In 2012, the Eastern Treasure Valley Electrical Plan identified the need for the Beacon Light Project. The plan forecasts electrical demand and reliability needs and addresses them through long-term planning. A community advisory committee (CAC) made up of business and government leaders played a key role in drafting the plan.

With the support of the CAC, Idaho Power is working to implement the plan, including planning and construction of a new Beacon Light Substation and transmission line.

The substation was built in 2020 at the corner of Beacon Light and Linder roads. Idaho Power obtained permits for it in 2006.

The city of Eagle approved the Beacon Light transmission route along State Highway 16 and Beacon Light Road in 2017. The city approved its design in 2018.

Idaho Power completed construction in June 2020.

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments about the Beacon Light Project, contact:

Project Manager Tim Phillips

Facility Siting Coordinator Jeff Maffuccio

Or mail your questions to:
Idaho Power
P.O. Box 70
Boise, ID 83707