Archaeology and Cultural Resources

From evidence of prehistoric inhabitants to the tracks of the Oregon Trail, our region contains a variety of cultural resources (evidence or places of past human activity). Studying them helps us understand the past. It also helps us protect diversity.

Cultural resources include the following:

  • Archaeological sites
  • Historic buildings and structures
  • Artifacts
  • Historic lands
  • Traditional cultural lands

The professionals within Idaho Power’s Archaeology and Cultural Resources Program help care for these resources in the areas we serve. Their roles include identifying and cataloging cultural resources that could be impacted by our operations, preserving historic structures (including some of our own) and working with federal, state and local agencies to comply with laws governing the protection of historically significant sites and artifacts.

We manage and protect nearly 2,000 sites in our service area.

For more, explore these educational resources:

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Historic Preservation Law

A number of laws, regulations, and executive orders help protect and preserve archaeological and architectural resources.