Environmental Stewardship

Our obligation to serve includes a commitment to safeguarding employees and customers as well as the lands and waterways visitors enjoy. As employees of Idaho Power, we embrace this responsibility and are proud of our record of conscientious stewardship.

Responsibility To The Environment

Meeting the energy demands of our communities requires the construction, operation and maintenance of electrical power facilities inevitably impacting our natural environment.

Fish and Aquatic Life

Our commitment to conserving fish began with the salmon and steelhead hatchery program, starting shortly after construction of Brownlee Dam more than 50 years ago.

Raptor Protection

Idaho Power has been on the forefront of efforts to protect birds of prey from coming into contact with electrical equipment.

Archaeology and Cultural Resources

The professionals within Idaho Power’s Archaeology and Cultural Resources Program help care for these resources in the areas we serve.

Wildlife Habitat

We manage over 30,000 acres of wildlife habitat.

Climate Change

Climate change is a significant policy issue that will have major implications for Idaho Power and may transform the energy industry.