Environmental Stewardship

We value our commitment to safeguarding the lands and waterways we all enjoy. We are proud of the work we do to restore our rivers, protect our fish and birds, and preserve the history of the places we call home.

Our commitment to conserving fish began with the salmon and steelhead hatchery program, starting shortly after construction of Brownlee Dam more than 50 years ago.

Idaho Power has been on the forefront of efforts to protect birds of prey from coming into contact with electrical equipment.

We manage over 30,000 acres of wildlife habitat. On these lands, our biologists provide wildlife food plots, plant trees and shrubs, reduce shoreline erosion and control weeds. This improves habitat and the diversity of wildlife. It also creates striking views.

Climate change is a significant policy issue that will have major implications for Idaho Power and may transform the energy industry.

The Snake River plays a vital role in providing electricity to Idaho Power’s 525,000-plus customers throughout southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. A healthy Snake River also benefits all other users: irrigators, recreationists, fishery managers and wildlife.

In 2016, Idaho Power began an ambitious river restoration effort with a pilot project at Bayha Island in the Snake River. Working with river restoration experts from The Freshwater Trust, we expanded the island’s floodplain while creating a narrower, deeper channel between the island and the shore. That’s good for fish and other creatures and bad for unwanted moss.