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Energy advisor employees

Our hardworking, skilled and dedicated lineworkers have been at the core of our business for over 100 years. Their safety is our top priority. Many of our lineworkers got their start through our apprenticeship program and have stayed for rewarding, engaging and diverse careers.

Want to work in Idaho and Oregon’s beautiful outdoors, provide critical services for our homes and communities, and join a team of people who are like family? Become an Idaho Power lineman.

“Wow, what a ride! The saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ is true. Having the opportunity to work with some super people with the Idaho Power family has made this a very special career for me. Idaho Power is a great company to work for.”

–Transmission Patrol Lineman, Pocatello


We offer eight different federally registered apprenticeship training programs. These opportunities are a great first step to a long and rewarding career at Idaho Power. Each apprenticeship offers excellent compensation, career advancement, stability and a chance to provide a valued service to our customers. The programs consists of classroom, home study and on-the-job training for each apprentice before becoming a journeyworker.

Apprenticeships  programs offered:

  • Lineworker
  • Station Technician
  • Meter Technician
  • Line Operations Technician
  • Relay Technician
  • Communication Technician
  • Generation Specialist
  • Generation Technician

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Energy advisor employees

From electrical, to civil, to mechanical and more, Idaho Power offers exciting opportunities for engineers to innovate and find creative solutions for delivering energy to our customers.

Whether you get your start through one of our internships or come to us looking for new challenges, stability and a chance to solve complex problems, we have a career path for you!

“What I love about my job is that I’m able to work with both my left and right brain. I get to be creative, and I’m encouraged to think outside the box.”

-Senior Engineer, Boise

Information Technology

IT is one of our fastest growing fields, as providing energy requires technological solutions to deliver the reliable power our customers depend on. IT is also at the core of keeping our business running strong. We rely on our diverse set of IT employees to find innovative, secure ways to improve how we do business, both internally and with the customers we serve.

Whether you’re interested in developing an app, managing customer data sets or supporting our 2,000 employees and their technology needs, we have a place for you!

          station apprentice worker


Idaho Power has a rich history of environmental stewardship and recreation management. With 17 hydroelectric facilities on the Snake River and its tributaries, we have a lot of area to cover. Our Environmental department employs the biologists, archaeologists, hydrologists, analysts and park staff to ensure the river and our communities are healthy and secure for future generations.

“At Idaho Power, you’re a good fit if you want to do a good job and do the right thing. We need curiosity and motivation to help us work through complex challenges. We’re addressing societal issues on a big scale — it’s a front row seat to solving conflict between people and the environment.” Read more.

-Environmental Manager, Boise


Idaho Power relies on its skilled trade and craft workers to keep our company running safely and efficiently. Our skilled trade and craft workers repair and maintain our equipment and handle company materials big and small. We will provide you with the tools you need, the time to learn and a safe working environment to create and innovate.

Trades/craft careers include:

  • Materials handler
  • Welder
  • Transformer mechanic
  • Garage technician
  • Equipment technician
  • Construction

          Energy advisor employees


Energy advisor employees

It’s an exciting time to work for an energy company, especially Idaho Power. Our Corporate Headquarters, located in beautiful and vibrant downtown Boise, houses a variety of professionals who play a critical role in our customers’ lives and in the communities we serve. From Human Resources and Communications to Finance and Real Estate, these employees represent diverse fields, all on a campus perfectly situated between the Boise Foothills and the Greenbelt.

Join us and help work toward our goal of 100% clean energy by 2045!

“On my first day I was welcomed to ‘The Family’ and I’m still proud to be part of it. This company is wrapped together by many miles of silver and copper thread, but the energy that moves it forward continues to be the people.”

–Customer Operations Support Training Professional

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives quickly become Idaho Power experts while providing invaluable services to our customers. They set up new customer accounts, solve payment issues and work with customers on everything in between. It’s your chance to be part of a dynamic team where every day you can show off your computer software and communication skills while playing a critical role in helping our customers.

Customer service careers include:

  • Customer service representative
  • Customer solutions advisor
  • Customer service analytics
  • Operations support
  • Trainer
  • Support specialist

          station apprentice worker


Energy advisor employees

Each summer, Idaho Power offers paid internships for college students in groups like engineering, IT, environmental and energy efficiency. Interns work alongside their mentors to get hands-on experience with concepts they’ve learned in class. They learn a lot about the energy industry through field trips, cross-team training and opportunities to job shadow.

An internship can be the beginning of a long and rewarding career at Idaho Power. Look for opportunities each fall.

“I would love to work for a utility after finishing school! There seems to be much more variety in the work compared to other companies, and impacts of your work can be seen directly in your community. At the end of the internship, I will leave feeling I have made a difference at Idaho Power and in the communities we serve.”

-Electrical Engineering Intern