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Summary Billing
Frequently Asked Questions

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Summary Billing

What is Summary Billing?

Summary Billing provides customers with multiple service locations one bill each month for all of those service locations. Customers with good credit are eligible to go on Summary Billing. All service locations or service agreements linked to the Summary Billing Account must be the same type of service, i.e., residential, commercial, or agricultural. Qualified Summary Billing customers may also use Budget Pay or PreferredPay™.

How many accounts may be combined for Summary Billing?

There is no limit to the number of service locations or service agreements. Summary Billing will reflect the total due for all accounts and customers must pay the entire amount due.

What if I am unable to pay the entire amount due?

If this should happen, you will need to send in a bill stub with the amount you want paid for each service location or agreement clearly noted. Processing a summary bill this way is a costly process, if this becomes a recurring issue, we reserve the right to remove your accounts from Summary Billing.

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