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Remote Meters
Frequently Asked Questions

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Remote Meters

What is a remote connect/disconnect meter?

A remote connect/disconnect meter is a meter capable of being connected or disconnected remotely. Due to advancements in meter technology, it is now possible to acquire meters with remote connect/disconnect capability eliminating the need to send a company representative to a customer’s location to connect or disconnect service.

Why is Idaho Power installing remote connect/disconnect meters?

This new technology is more efficient and will help us deliver better and timelier service.

How did Idaho Power determine where to install these remote connect/disconnect meters?

These meters are installed where there are more frequent connect/disconnect activities or for safety and access issues.

How many were installed?

About 3 percent of Idaho Power’s more than 520,000 meters have remote connect/disconnect capabilities; that’s about 13,600 locations in Idaho and 750 in Oregon.

When will Idaho Power begin connecting and disconnecting customers using these remote meters?

The remote connect/disconnect functionality will begin Sept. 15, 2015 for Idaho customers.

Is there a plan to install more remote connect/disconnect meters in the future?

At this time, there are no plans to add a second phase of installations.

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How will Idaho Power let customers know they have remote connect/disconnect meters?

A letter mailed to customers with remote connect/disconnect meters informs them about their new meter with advanced technology that will help Idaho Power deliver better and timelier service to them. It also explains because of this remote capability, beginning this fall, we no longer will accept payments at the door to prevent disconnection of service. The letter covers payment options, where to find more information online or by phone and an insert with more detailed information on payment options .

An “Important Notice” insert in past due bill reminders will notify Idaho customers who have a remote connect/disconnect meter about the change and because of this remote capability, we no longer will accept payments at the door to prevent disconnection of service. It provides information on payment options before a scheduled service disconnection and how to make payment arrangements if necessary. It also includes an option to apply for energy assistance through a local Community Action Partnership agency.

In addition, field employees visiting customers who are past due on their bill and have a remote connect/disconnect meter are distributing notices about the new meters in English and Español and collection policy changes in English and Español

What should you do if your service is remotely disconnected?

Go to to get information on how to pay a bill in full or make payment arrangements if your service has been disconnected. You also should call Idaho Power to let us know if you have made a payment on the day of a scheduled disconnection (with your receipt number). The new meters allow us to quickly reconnect service remotely, as well.

For immediate customer service call 208-388-2323, or 1-800-488-6151 outside of the Treasure Valley.

If your service is disconnected prior to the launch of the connect/disconnect functionality on Sept. 15, we will include information in the disconnection door hanger about the new meter and how we will no longer be visiting your service location to collect payments to disconnect service.

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