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Mobile Web

I tried to view my bill or a PDF from the mobile site, but I can’t find it. Where is it?

Within our site, there are PDF icons like this: that indicate a file is available for download. All smart phones are different, so consult your phone’s user guide to determine where downloaded files are located on your device.

Your website doesn’t work on my phone/device, why?

Our site is built to work best in the latest desktop and mobile browsers, meaning older browsers might display differently styled, though fully functional, renderings of certain components.

Specifically, we support the latest versions of the following browsers and platforms. On Windows, we support Internet Explorer 8-11. More specific support information is provided below.

Supported Browsers and Platforms

  Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Android Yes Yes N/A No N/A
iOS Yes N/A N/A No Yes
Mac OS X Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes No


How do I switch between the mobile and full version of the website?

Use the button at the bottom of every screen that says either “Mobile” or “Full Site” to switch your view.

Why does the mobile myAccount have less information than the full site? I’ve noticed the pie chart isn’t available within the mobile myAccount. Why aren’t they the same?

We identified what the majority of customers would find most valuable for our initial mobile site release. New functionality will become available in future releases. Use the full site version to view information not currently available through the mobile version.

How do you navigate the mobile version?

At the top of each page you’ll see this menu symbol: . This is Idaho Power’s website menu. To the right of that is the menu for myAccount-related activities. Once a customer is logged in to myAccount, that menu will offer additional functionality and information, including Update My Profile.

At the bottom of each screen, there are additional mobile site-related links.

Clicking on the Idaho Power logo at the top of each screen, will bring you to the site’s homepage.

Our most used links can be found on the site homepage under the “What Do You Want To Do?” heading.

On certain screens, why can’t I see all of the information?

Try scrolling the information left to right, or turn your phone on its side to landscape mode.

When I view it in Firefox I get directed to this url: Is this the mobile site and how do I get to the full site?

If you navigate to within any browser, and the window is equal to or smaller than 992 pixels wide, you will be directed to the mobile site. If you don’t wish to have the mobile site come up initially, make your window size larger than 992 (1024x768 is standard), or click on the “Full Site” button at the bottom of site.

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