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Budget Pay

What is Budget Pay?

Budget Pay is a payment plan that helps you budget for your electric costs by relieving the highs and lows in your monthly power bills. With Budget Pay, your estimated electricity charges are spread out evenly over 12 months. The Budget Pay amount is based on your average monthly billing. Learn more about Budget Pay.

How does Budget Pay work?

First you need to enroll in Budget Pay. Once your account is on Budget Pay, your next bill will note your enrollment. Your meter will still be read as normal and your bills will show your actual energy costs, but you will be asked to pay only your Budget Pay amount. Because this is a budgeting tool, not a discount to your rates, your account is still billed for the amount of electricity actually used at the location.

Can I go on Budget Pay at any time?

Budget Pay is available to residential and small commercial customers without an overdue balance. When establishing Budget Pay it is highly recommend that a customer has had at least nine months of continuous service at the location. This will ensure the budget amount is calculated accurately based on customer usage. If you anticipate any major changes in lifestyle, number of people living in the home, or appliances, it may be best to wait to enroll. These changes can drastically change the electrical use in the home.

Does the Budget Pay amount ever change?

Budget Pay amounts are recalculated every 12 months from the date of your first billing under the plan. The new Budget Pay amount will be based on the average of your most recent 12 monthly billings while also considering any debit or credit balance on the account from the previous 12-month plan. These changes ensure you pay the average of what is owed throughout the year and prevents a large account balance or credit from accruing. Changes to a Budget Pay plan may occur at six months if the calculated budget amount is 50 percent above or below the current budget amount.

Why would the Budget Pay amount ever change?

Changes in electrical usage are the most common reason a customer’s Budget Pay amount changes. If you use more power than estimated, your budget amount may increase. Increased usage can be from a number of factors, including an added appliance, changes in the weather or more people living in the home. On the other hand, if you use less power than estimated, your Budget Pay amount may decrease.

To help understand and manage your electricity use throughout the year, review the chart on your Idaho Power bill labeled "Your Electric Use Pattern," or register and log in to myAccount to view your energy use online.

Using energy wisely will help maintain or keep your Budget Pay amount low. For energy-saving ideas, visit

Are there any other important requirements?

Regular, on time, monthly payments are essential to continue on the Budget Pay plan and to avoid late payment charges. If your monthly bills are not paid on time, late payment charges may be applied and the account may be removed from the plan. The account balance must be paid in full to re-start the program.

What happens when I cancel my Budget Pay plan?

When Budget Pay is canceled, you must pay the full account balance or set up a payment arrangement. The amount you need to pay will be in the "Please Pay" box on the next bill you receive after the plan is canceled. If you have a credit account balance, the credit can be applied to future bills or refunded.

What happens with my Budget Pay plan when I receive an energy assistance payment?

An energy assistance payment will apply toward your Budget Pay amount until completely used. After the energy assistance payment is used, you will continue to make payments on your Budget Pay amount. Monitor your statements and pay the amount marked "Please Pay" on your bill.

What will happen to my Budget Pay amount if there is a rate increase?

A rate change may impact your Budget Pay amount over time. You will see this change the next time your Budget plan is calculated.

Can I be on Preferred Pay™ and Budget Pay?

Yes. It is recommended for maximum convenience. Remember, however, that your Budget Pay amount may change between annual reviews, so it is important to look at your statements and usage.

What happens with my Budget Pay if I move?

Transferring service discontinues the Budget Pay plan, and the full account balance becomes due on the next bill. Any credit balance can be applied to future bills or refunded.

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