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Ninety-nine percent of Idaho Power’s more than 520,000 meters are read remotely — directly through the power lines.

This technology enables us to gather more information, like your daily and hourly usage data. That information, available to you by registering for myAccount, can help you monitor and manage your energy consumption, and even help you to reduce energy use and lower your bills.

This communication also can assist us in restoring power more quickly when outages occur. And, remote meter reading means less use of company vehicles and lower fuel consumption, among other environmental benefits.

Remote Connect/Disconnect

Idaho Power also installed meters that provide remote connect/disconnect capabilities.

This functionality helps us deliver better and timelier service by allowing us to remotely connect or disconnect electrical service – no longer requiring a service visit.

These meters are installed where there are more frequent connect/disconnect activities or for safety and access issues. Learn more.


With daily and hourly information read remotely from your meter, you can learn about your energy usage and possibly identify ways to lower costs, by registering and using myAccount.

To learn how to read the meter's digital display and to calculate your energy usage, watch this short video, “How To Read Your Meter,” at right. You also can download and print instructions.

Your Secure Meter

Data received from your meter is secure and confidential. Our system uses the power system infrastructure to communicate to and from our meters utilizing the low-frequency 60 hertz (Hz) power line signal as the carrier for our communications.

Your meter does not communicate over public airways or the Internet. We employ cyber-security standards of encryption and isolation to ensure the integrity of the system. And we take effective precautions to protect our communication system physically. Learn more.

The Smart Grid

Your meter is directly connected to the Smart Grid, a customer-focused approach to energy reliability, efficiency and sustainability. Learn more about the Smart Grid.

Learn About Your Meter

Learn About Your Meter

Learn how your meter works and how to calculate your kilowatt-hour usage.


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