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Restoring Power

Idaho Power's highest priority is to address hazardous situations, such as downed power lines. Our crews then focus on restoration of the largest number of customers as quickly as possible, and on repairs that will restore service to critical facilities such as hospitals, water pumping stations and police and fire departments.

As we work to restore power to all our customers you may see your neighbor's lights on, while your home or business remains in the dark.

Different parts of a neighborhood may be on different circuits, and not all circuits are restored at once. But sometimes the problem only affects service to your home.

Call Idaho Power at 208-388-2323, or 1-800-488-6151 from outside the Treasure Valley, to report an outage or to hear recorded information about an outage we're responding to.

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How Power Gets Restored

See this video from our neighbors to the north, Puget Sound Energy, for a helpful explanation of the restoration process.


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