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Maintaining a reliable electric system for our customers is a responsibility Idaho Power employees take seriously. From providing energy for customers' homes and businesses to maintaining an efficient transmission system, reliability is an integral part of what we do every day to meet electricity needs and ensure power on demand.

Idaho Power complies with mandatory reliability standards set by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) to prevent problems and outages on our "bulk electric transmission system." That includes generation resources, transmission lines and interconnections with neighboring systems.

Crews In Action

Watch our crews in action on our YouTube channel and learn how we work to keep the power on.

Underground Cable Replacement Project

This pilot project's goal is to increase reliability and customer satisfaction by replacing existing underground cable with a more modern, reliable version. Seven million feet of cable in 17 years!

Restoring Power

Idaho Power's highest priority is to address hazardous situations, such as downed power lines. Our crews then focus on restoration of the largest number of customers as quickly as possible, and on repairs that will restore service to critical facilities such as hospitals, water pumping stations and police and fire departments.

Preparing Your Home For an Outage

Find a list of items you should have on hand for emergencies and tips for keeping you and your family safe.

Smart Grid Technologies

Learn how we're using Smart Grid technology to reduce the time and impact of outages.

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