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Energy Emergency Information

Supplying you with reliable, responsible electricity requires balancing the supply and demand of energy from our complex electrical grid. Occasionally, rotational outages—emergency outages—are necessary when usage is extremely high or equipment fails.

Right now, our electrical grid is in balance and no outages are scheduled. Visit this website for outage information or outage schedules in the event of an energy emergency.

Idaho Power encourages energy conservation year-round to help reduce demand.

System Status

To determine the status of our electric system at a glance, check the Energy Emergency Meter.

Status Legend

The following legend explains what is happening and what we are doing under each status level.

normalIcon System Normal – Green
Our electrical system operations are normal.

alert1 icon Alert 1 – Yellow
We are generating as much electricity as we can and are purchasing additional electricity, if it is available. We are serving our entire load and meeting power generation reserve requirements. Everyone should reduce their energy usage as much as possible.

alert2 icon Alert 2 – Orange
All actions taken under Alert 1 have been exhausted and we are now using part of our power generation reserves to continue to provide electrical service. Everyone should turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment to avoid moving into rotational outages.

alert3 icon Alert 3 – Red
We have declared an Energy Emergency – All measures taken under Alerts 1 and 2 have been exhausted and we are unable to maintain required power generation reserve levels. Everyone should continue to use only absolutely essential electrical equipment. Rotational outages are imminent or in progress to protect the electric system and your power supply.

During all three stages, we encourage everyone to reduce their energy use as much as possible.

Direct LINK

Sign up for our Direct LINK program and get emails about outage information or outage schedules in the event of an Idaho Power energy emergency.

Energy Emergency Meter


Rotational Outages Regions

Click the region name for the latest information on outages in that area.

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