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Youth Hunt Opportunity

Daly Creek Habitat Management Area

North American Bull Elk

For youth hunters (ages 12–17) interested in hunting upland birds, deer and elk, Idaho Power provides access to parts of our Daly Creek Habitat Management Area (HMA) in Hells Canyon.

Youth with an access permit to hunt deer or elk may also hunt cougar or bear during the permit period. In 2017, 45 access permits will be available.

Permits are granted through an application process that follows the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) standard youth hunter rules and regulations.

This opportunity supports our efforts to:

  • Balance the wildlife population with what the land can support
  • Promote a positive youth hunting ethic
  • Educate youth about wildlife and wildlife habitat

We want youth hunters to have a quality hunting experience. The hunt is in a back-country setting and demands skill and effort. Youth hunters will be guided by skilled adult hunters.

This rocky, roadless, sagebrush covered rangeland varies from moderate to extremely steep. Hunters access the property by foot or horseback.

Hunters pack in all gear and need to prepare for:

  • Hauling out game by foot or pack stock
  • Staying multiple days

Review the related fact sheet (PDF) and frequently asked questions for details.

Hunt of a Lifetime

Hunt of a Lifetime

Watch as three generations of hunters help the youngest, a teen-aged cancer survivor, fulfill his lifelong dream of hunting elk at our Daly Creek property near Hells Canyon. (Please note: we respect some individuals may choose to not watch this video about hunting.)


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