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Water Information

Call 1-800-422-3143, toll-free, or use the links below for the latest stream flow and reservoir water level information.

Within this section of our Web site, you will find the following links and information:

FAQs About Water Levels and Flows
Learn more about water levels and flow information in our "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers" (FAQs) section.

Brownlee Reservoir
Our reservoir elevation graphic shows the water level elevations at the different boat ramps on Brownlee Reservoir.

Hells Canyon River Flows
Discover our river flow projections for the Snake River below Hells Canyon Dam.

Hells Canyon Wi-Fi Monitors
Get instructions for using Idaho Power’s Wi-Fi Flow Monitoring System in the canyon.

Water Temperatures
Find out what the water temperature is at Oxbow Dam or for the Snake River at Twin Falls and Weiser.

Stream Flow Data
Find maps and flow information about various locations on the Snake River and its tributaries, including:

  • Brownlee
  • Hells Canyon
  • Swan Falls
  • Milner Bypass Reach

Annual Water Resources Reports
Daily records, by year, beginning with 1997.

Other flow-related Web sites providing data for portions of the Snake River, not influenced by Idaho Power, include:

Stop Invasive Species

Mapping Underwater

Mapping Underwater

Idaho Power scientists use advanced sonar technology to map the underwater topography in Hells Canyon, tracking changes over time and providing essential data.


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