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Brownlee Reservoir and Boat Ramps

Brownlee Reservoir level:

Brownlee Reservoir Three-Day Average Inflow:


As of:


Feet From Full

End of Day Forecast*



Actual operations may differ from the estimates given above.

Access across Brownlee Dam, Oxbow Dam and the Oxbow intake area is restricted to employees only.


Additional Information

For additional information on this area, visit the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Web site.


Usable Boat Ramp Elevations

(Indicated elevations are 4 ft. water depth above concrete ramp end)

Spring Recreation
2055 ft.

Steck Park
2053 ft.

Farewell Bend**
2051 ft.

Hewitt Park
2041 ft.

Holcomb Park
2041 ft.

Woodhead Park
2024 ft.

Moonshine Mine
2020 ft.


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