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Hagerman Valley

The Hagerman Valley is rich in history and scenic beauty. It was here that pioneers followed the Oregon Trail and traded with the Indians for fresh trout. The renowned Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, west of Hagerman, provides a glimpse of life as it was millions of years ago.

Park Facilities

Idaho Power maintains several hydroelectric facilities in the Hagerman Valley:

  • Bliss Hydroelectric Project
  • Upper and Lower Malad Hydroelectric Project
  • Lower Salmon Hydroelectric Project
  • Upper Salmon A and B Hydroelectric Project
  • Thousand Springs Hydroelectric Project
  • Clear Lake Hydroelectric Project

Visit the Idaho Department of Water Resources Web site for more information about these facilities.

Recreational facilities are at or near each hydroelectric site. Most facilities provide:

  • Restrooms
  • Day-use picnic areas with tables

Bliss Dam and the Upper and Lower Salmon areas provide boat ramps.

Thousand Springs

Thousand Springs is well known for its fresh underground springs. The springs emerge from the great Snake River Plain aquifer and cascade from the nearby canyon walls. Idaho Power maintains day-use parks for picnicking and other recreational activities at the site.

Malad Parks

The Malad parks are a popular place to picnic, fish or simply rest. Nearby Malad Gorge is a fascinating example of Idaho’s diverse geology. A state park overlooks the gorge through which the Malad River flows to where it empties into the Snake River.

The Hagerman Chamber of Commerce Web site offers a detailed map of the area.

Find more information on this area at the Idaho Parks and Recreation Web site.

Visit the Idaho Power Parks section for information about our other parks and recreational facilities.

Jaw Tagging Program

Jaw tagged rainbow trout have been stocked in the Snake River between Shoshone Falls and C.J. Strike Dam. Idaho Power annually stocks these waters with rainbow trout as a means of improving sport fishing. Many of these catchable-sized stocked fish have been fitted with either one or two metal jaw tags. By reporting these tags, you can potentially earn a reward and be entered into a drawing for $1,000. To report a tag call 1-800-388-6011. For more information on the tagging program or the potential rewards, visit our Fish Tag Information page

fish tag reward

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