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Archaeology and Cultural Resources

Idaho Power's Archaeology and Cultural Resources Program helps us care for the land and rivers in the areas we serve.

Our Environmental Affairs department manages this program. They ensure we follow federal, state and local laws, as well as corporate policies.

Cultural Resources

"Cultural resources" are evidence or places of past human activity. Studying them helps us understand the past. It also helps us protect diversity.

Cultural resources include:

  • Archaeological sites
  • Historic buildings and structures
  • Artifacts
  • Historic lands
  • Traditional cultural lands
  • Other important cultural resources

We manage and protect nearly 2,000 sites in our service area. Most of these are within our hydroelectric project areas along the Snake River. Federal and state agencies help us mange these sites.

Hells Canyon Films

Idaho Power sponsored the production of two films about the cultural aspects of Hells Canyon. To order one or both production-quality films, contact Patty Auch. She can also be reached at 208-388-2350. Each DVD costs $6. Checks can be mailed to, payable to Idaho Power at 1221 W. Idaho St., Boise, ID 83702. The videos are free of charge to schools and public libraries—please note this when you contact Patty.

Proving Up and Settling Down

Proving Up and Settling Down

Watch a short clip from this 30-minute film with first-hand accounts of life in Hells Canyon from early residents, historians and a descendant of Chief Joseph's Nez Perce

The River Has Many Stories

The River Has Many Stories

Watch a short clip from this 30-minute film about Hells Canyon cultural resources and six Native American tribes.

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