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Employees of Idaho Power are more than just workers in our communities; we're the people you know, work with and talk to every day. We're your neighbors, your friends and your family members.

We know that what we do each day affects our communities. We also know that we can help make our communities a stronger, better place for all of us by giving of our time, talents, compassion and knowledge. Whether it's donating company resources and time to community park renovations in Cascade, Riggins and Bellevue, participating in programs like Paintfest in Pocatello or contributing to academic scholarships so more of our community can afford higher education, we believe in a strong commitment to you—our families, our friends, our neighbors.

Education Materials

Educators in Idaho Power’s service area may order teaching units and videotapes/films on a free-of-charge loan basis as part of the company's Education Program. Topics include electrical safety, generation and conservation, among others.

Community Relations

Find out how our Community Representatives and Community Education Representatives help us form a liaison between our company and the communities we serve.


Learn more about the two academic scholarships Idaho Power offers.

Community Involvement

Discover how we contribute to the quality of life in the communities we serve, including IDACORP's Employee Community Fund which collects and distributes funds exclusively for charitable purposes to health and human services organizations and 501(c)(3) organizations.

Brownlee Neighborhood News

Learn about why the elevation of Brownlee Reservoir varies, coming improvements to Idaho Power parks, our Habitat Lands management plans, and other information about our operations in the area.

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