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Idaho Power understands higher education builds stronger communities and provides opportunities to make a better tomorrow for our children and families. That's why we're proud to offer the following academic scholarships:

Scholarship for Academic Excellence

The Scholarship for Academic Excellence provides 10 annual student fee/tuition grants for graduating high school students who live within Idaho Power's service area. Applicants must have a minimum 3.75 unweighted grade point average. The $2,000 annual grants are conditioned upon the recipients enrollment at an accredited Idaho or Oregon college, university or vocational-technical school. The scholarship funds must be used during the school year directly following the awarding of the grant. Scholarship grants may not be deferred or held for later use.

Download the Scholarship for Academic Excellence application form for details and to apply for the scholarship.

Larry Wimer and Kevin Whittier Memorial Scholarships

The Larry Wimer Memorial Scholarship provides an annual student fee/tuition grant for students planning full-time undergraduate enrollment in the Department of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho. This one-time scholarship is not renewable.

The Kevin Whittier Memorial Scholarship is for students planning to attend any Idaho college, university or vocational-technical school full-time and majoring in engineering.

Get details and apply for these scholarships by visiting the Idaho Community Foundation's website.

For more information on Idaho Power's scholarship programs, email Patricia Boyd or call her at 208-236-7733.

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