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Energy Efficiency For Your Home

Idaho Power offers energy efficiency incentives to our commercial, irrigation and residential customers. These incentives reduce the cost of energy efficient products and/or services which helps customers use energy wisely and avoid unnecessary waste. Check out these programs to see if one is right for you.

Together, we create a comfortable, secure energy future for our families and communities.

Note: Program continuation, eligibility requirements and terms and conditions apply.


Residential Program Information

A/C Cool Credit

A $5 per month credit for customers in our service area who allow their air conditioners to be cycled on a few June, July and August afternoons.

Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Earn incentives for the purchase and installation of energy saving equipment and services for heating and cooling your home.

Energy Efficiency Education

Learn how to save energy and care for the environment. See classes scheduled in your community or make arrangements for a special presentation to your group.

Home Energy Audit

Receive a professional in-home energy audit, recommendations for increasing energy savings and a variety of energy efficiency improvements, such as energy saving light bulbs, for a discounted price.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Learn how ENERGY STAR® certified light bulbs can save energy and money.

Energy House Calls

Free services designed for residents of manufactured homes heated by an electric furnace or heat pump.

Kill A Watt™ Meters

Borrow an easy-to-use meter from your local library and measure how much electricity your appliances are using.

Energy-Saving Kits

Get a FREE Energy-Saving Kit filled with efficient products and tips delivered directly to your home.

Rebate Advantage

An incentive to eligible customers who purchase a new electrically-heated ENERGY STAR® manufactured home.

ENERY STAR� Homes Northwest

Learn more about incentive options if you are planning to break ground on a new energy-efficient, single-family home with heat pump technology before Dec. 17.

Renewable Energy

Information on supporting renewable energy through our Green Power Program or installing on-site renewable generation at your home using the Net Metering Tariff.

Fridge and Freezer Recycling Program

With the Fridge and Freezer Recycling Program, an Idaho Power program partner will pick up and recycle the unit for free from your home.

Residential Weatherization Programs

Idaho Power offers free weatherization improvements to electrically heated homes of income-qualified customers. These energy efficiency measures improve comfort and reduce energy consumption.


Residential Tools

Energy Efficiency Links

Useful websites for energy efficiency and other environmental information.


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Energy Efficiency Program Reports

See information about our Demand-Side Management goals, achievements and Advisory Group.

Benefits of Using myAccount

View your home's energy usage data to understand and compare when and how your home uses energy. With myAccount you'll get help making wise, energy efficient choices.

ENERGYsmart Library

Read up on energy basics and efficiency innovations affecting your home.

Local Energy Efficiency Funds

Community members interested in partnering with Idaho Power may be eligible for support through one of our Local Energy Efficiency Funds.

Kill A Watt™ Meters

Borrow an easy-to-use meter from your local library and measure how much electricity your appliances are using.


more green choices

Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Making your home more efficient doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it's really easy. See how you can live comfortably and save money.


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