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Insulation Contractor Requirements

Due to the discontinuation of the Home Improvement Program on June 30, 2017, no new participating contractors are being enrolled.

Contractor Qualifications

Participating Contractors installing insulation must:

  • Hold an active State of Idaho Contractor’s License issued through the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing.
  • Be in good standing with the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing.
  • Have completed an Idaho Power Contractor Enrollment form on file with Idaho Power.
  • Have received a letter of acceptance from Idaho Power.
  • Ensure that requested service qualifies for program incentives.
  • Conduct work in accordance with all program requirements. See the Regional Technical Forum Residential Weatherization Specifications.
  • Work with and assist your customer in submitting all required paperwork within 90 days of work completed date.

Customer Invoicing Requirements

Insulation Participating Contractors are required to provide their customers with itemized receipts/invoices for all Idaho Power incented installs. All required documentation, listed below, must be on the invoice for incentive processing. View a sample invoice .

  • Measure being installed (attic, wall or floor)
  • Insulation listed with square feet installed and itemized cost totals for each measure.
  • Pre-existing R-Value, R-Value of new insulation installed and final R-Value.
  • Type of existing insulation, type of new insulation and number of bags installed if applicable.
  • Installation date.
  • Contractor name, local phone number and local address.

If this information is not initially provided to your customer, it will result in incentive payment delay.

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Contractor Ineligibility

There are instances, which include but are not limited to, the following list, which will render a contractor ineligible to be a Participating Contractor or lead to the removal of a contractor from the Participating Contractor listing:

  • Contractors who have been removed from any other Idaho Power Energy Efficiency programs.
  • Contractors who have been removed from any other regional utility weatherization programs.
  • Contractors from whom Idaho Power has received legitimate customer complaints due to poor business practices or poor work quality.
  • Contractors who lead customers to believe they work for or represent Idaho Power.
  • Contractors who communicate negative comments to customers about Idaho Power or the Home Improvement Program.

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Quality Assurance Checks

Idaho Power has hired independent third-party contractors to randomly perform quality assurance checks on windows and insulation installations that have been turned in for incentive payments.

Idaho Power performs quality assurance assessments because it's imperative that installations are done properly in order to ensure the energy savings we have projected for each job are accurate.

Quality Assurance checks also serve as an education tool for our contractors as they learn to install windows and insulation to the standards of the Home Improvement Program.

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